2017 Protein Reoport


here was a time when getting a little extra protein involved tossing back raw eggs a la Rocky Balboa. Even if you could stomach the texture of this runny mixture, you'd have serious trouble doing the same if you were unfortunate enough to get the food poisoning that occasionally came with. Thankfully, those days are long gone. In the past two decades, proteins have not only become much safer and more convenient; they're quite a bit tastier too. High protein foods and supplements have infiltrated the Internet, the store shelves, and the daily regimens of athletes and for good reason. Research shows that eating protein not only helps build muscle, in some cases it also burns fat.

There are almost certainly plenty of other yet-to-be-proved benefits of protein as well. We just don't know what all they are yet. However, as the scientific story unfolds, it's becoming increasingly clear that different proteins have different benefits, so do try to work in as many different types as you can.